The Semlavandring 2017

Metro newspaper recently published a review of the best semlas in year 2017. Inspired by this we did an own Semla-hike around Södermalm and city center in search of the best Semlas. We rated the two best performed semlas of the Metro test: Gateau and Chic konditori, Wallins (Metro’s winning Semla from 2016) and a classic Semla from Vete-Katten. Hike was made during weekend 4.2.-5.2.2017 by Jens, Satu, Arja and Pekka.

We evaluated following things from scale 1-5 (1 the worst and 5 the best).

  1. Looks (Is it pretty? Does it look home-made? What is the color of whipped cream? Is there enough powdered sugar? Can you see almond paste under the whipped cream? What is the proportion of height and roundness of the bun? What is the form of the lid?)
  2. Whipped cream (Is there enough of it? Is it sweet? Can you taste vanilla? Is it creamy? Is it right temperature?)
  3. Almond paste (Is there enough of it? Is it runny ot not? Is it sweet? Is it chunky or creamy? Is the almond paste spread evenly on the bun?)
  4. Bun softness (Is it like a fluffy cloud? Can you taste cardamom? Is it too dry?)
  5. Overall (What is the overall feeling when tasting everything together? Do you feel poetic after one single bite?)


The Contestants

Wallins Konditori

Ringvägen 109

Pris: 42,-


Chic Konditori

Swedenborgsgatan 1

Pris: 40,-


Stureplan 4

Pris: 42,-



Kungsgatan 55

Pris: 44,-


Results (best results are marked with an arrow):

Our route through the city: