Strawberry Tiramisu Heaven, Summer and Strawberry Fields in your mouth


  • 500g mascarpone cheese
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2dl cream (30% fat)
  • sugar according to your taste
  • 150g white chocolate
  • 500g frozen strawberries
  • fresh strawberries for decoration
  • ca. 300g (1,5 package) Savoiard-cookies


  1. Thaw the frozen strawberries. Strawberries have to keep their form but you need to get some strawberry juice out of them.
  2. In a bowl whisk egg whites to a fluffy, semi-hard foam. Add some sugar (not too much, you can add it later when you combine all ingredients).
  3. Whip the cream in another bowl and add some sugar (not too much).
  4. Blend the whipped cream and egg white foam with mascarpone to a smooth and fluffy creamy like mixture. Taste and add sugar according to your taste.
  5. Now make the tiramisu: Take a medium size (see-through) form and place Savoiard-biscuits on the bottom of the form. Bottom must be fully covered.
  6. Place strawberries and the juice on top of the Savoiard-biscuits. More juice makes the cake even better.
  7. Melt the white chocolate and pour it over melted strawberries.
  8. Cover everything with a layer of mascarpone mixture.
  9. Decorate with fresh strawberries and white chocolate. Set the form to the fridge until serving. Cake is even better after a few hours or on the next day when the Savoiard-biscuits have sucked the strawberry juice.

Our philosophical thoughts of the recipe:

Oh-la-laa! Strawberries and mascarpone; great simple ingredients and no oven – so easy and oh so delicious. This cake serves about six persons. We have made this cake already a couple of times and it’s always a joy to eat it with a good company. The feedback of the taste is always delighted ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ – no exceptions.

A big thank you of this recipe is dedicated to my very dear Aussie-family :)

strawberry_tiramisu_white_chocolate strawberry_tiramisu_mascarpone strawberry_tiramisu_cake

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